Typeface Research 1



After deciding that I was going to do spread on video gaming throughout the ages from arcade machines to current generation to what the future could hold and the gaming industry as a whole I began sketching initial ideas and looking for fonts that i could use throughout the pages which were relevant as well as legible to be used as the base text for my spreads as well as titles. I began by looking up basic fonts that would have been used on classic arcade machines as well as on adverts for the games and early gaming systems. After typing up a sample paragraph to test the typefaces, they all seemed to be too illegible for the size the font that i needed to be used. 

The Minecraft themed fonts aesthetically were the correct fonts to be used for titles etc, however because some of the characters were specific to that game they could have only been used for pages about that game and also would look out of place to be used for other games and technologies.

The Karmatic Arcade typeface is one of the best fonts that I found because of the retro look and feel of the font as well as the black borders around the letters that make them stand out that well as a title, but it couldn’t have been used as a typeface for the base text of the pages because it couldn’t be read at such a small size.

Fipps is another typeface similar to Karmatic Arcade that could have been used as a base text so that it could correspond with Karmatic Arcade as a title. This is a good font, however because this is the evolution of gaming I couldn’t have a retro style typeface when writing about the future of gaming and having alternate fonts for each section of the pages would make them seem disconnected as well as disjointed.

Both Game Over and Arcade Classic are both similar and are both semiotically identifiable to be linked to playing games as well as classic coding systems and interfaces that were used in the past.       


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