Typographic Layout and Page Design

I began by collecting images of interesting and inspiring text layouts that I could research and use as part of my of my project. These images are of posters as well as letters, page spreads and articles that I can use in this project as well as future projects that include type as well as imagery.


I chose this first design because of the simplicity of only using a couple of colours that contrast well as a colour palette using the blue against the white background with the with the black type placed over the top without the blue being too dark so that it the main text is too dark so that it is lost and unreadable. The Blue font is position so that it draws the eye of the audience and is also placed so this it doesn’t cover the main key information of the letter which is the date and place of the event which couldn’t be covered incase the audience have a short time period to look at the piece and need to see the key information quickly.


This piece uses a good colour palette of complementary colours that  are bright and standout against the white of the page as well against the white text placed on top; the bright palette has also been used to break apart sections of the work as well as highlight key information. The layout of the piece is that each individual section of the piece has an area that it’s placed into with a large margin surrounding it which leaves large spaces between information which makes the piece easier to read. The use of the palette throughout the all the pieces bring all the pieces of work together.

nationalg3  Another piece that uses a palette of complementing colours incorporated with a background that could have been photoshopped to alter the colour which I could use in my work if there are any images or pieces that I want to follow the colour scheme that I will have decided on. I like this piece,however there are also some things I would change such as there is text on the left side that is covered by some of the spaces laid on top which makes the text illegible. The use of the brightest colour in the palette brings the audiences eye to the centre of the piece which is good if that’s where the main text is, however it can be misunderstood if the reader begins reading from half way through the article.


This piece is a portfolio that the designer has created for his/her work in a clean white design with an eye-catching blue theme colour as well as the use of a sans-serif font that stands out against the white and is effective. Once this portfolio has been unfolded it has been designed so that it can be unfolded so that it won’t lose any of the parts when folded by using a simple grid. The use of speech bubbles as well as other shapes with key information and fun messages to the reader which is useful because it highlights the message inside and brings the readers eye to them.


This layout, although lacking in text features two large images on the opposing page with the first page using white text to contrast the dark brown background colour with the bright blue pen stripe line which gives the article a good contrasting colour that also brings the reader’s eye to the top of the article. The blue is also used at the bottom of the page in a darker tone as a margin. The white on the opposite page also contrasts the brown on the other page with the same blue continuing over the page.



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