Initial Layout Sketches


I began by starting with a simple design of by dividing the page into three columns with an image that bannered across the top of the page. For the text I would either fill with text if there was a substantial amount of information that has to be placed in the columns, however if there isn’t that much information then additional images can be placed to break up the text as well as giving the reader spaces between the text. Area spacing around the page makes sure there is room for a page numbers and other information to be placed at the bottom of the page as well as surrounding the page so that the information as well as the images aren’t obscured by the crease of the magazine.


This layout is similar to the previous design because of the same three columns of text, however this layout has the image covering two of the columns. For this design I was thinking of only having text in the first or last two of the columns so that the reader doesn’t feel overloaded with text as well I could leave the first column completely empty to make there more space. Again this layout has an outer area for page numbers as well as an area to prevent the text being difficult to read.


For this design I began with creating 4 four columns mainly for the text with a banner that spans across the whole page with an image underneath, the banner and image will be designed so that if there is any of the key features of the image are obscured then they can overlap onto the banner which gives the image more of a 3D look. A title is then below the image informing the reader of what the article is about with a column of text next to it, however I think this would be confusing to the reader because the way the text is on the right hand side of the page as this may cause them to look to the paragraph below instead of where the paragraph continues to. Images placed at the bottom of the page will have captions attached, however this doesn’t leave much area for text to be placed.


This design is very image heavy with and would be used for more of a presentation piece because of the high amount of images. Three columns on each page for text with images breaking up the paragraphs give the reader more images to look at. Some of the areas that include text can be left blank to also increase space. Finding images that could be placed into the areas and work with the layout, however the main image that crosses over the crease will lose some detail as well as making sure that there are spacing to prevent text from being lost.

image copy 6


This design would be the introduction page to an article spanning at least three pages because this design spans the first two pages. the image which would be used will have to large enough so it doesn’t pixelate with a title overlapping in the bottom left of the image without blocking key pieces of the image. at the bottom of the page there will be three columns on each page placed at the bottom of the page. For this design i think this would be a good beginning page to introduce the reader to the subject of the article as well as using the image as a main focal point to catch the readers attention.

image copy 5

Another double page spread layout with a banner spanning the page at the top with some relevant information about the article. The title at the top of the page, however this could be covered by the banner which means the title will have to be smaller, there will be two columns of text up to half the first page as well as a smaller image placed at the bottom of the page.

image copy 8

This layout was more of a themed layout to be used for the arcade section of my article spreads and is based of the classic arcade tables and another design based on the classic standing arcade machines. I liked this design, however this didn’t leave much space for text and also images would look out of place on a display that is meant to look as if it is the same display as the original machine in the 8-Bit style.


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