“Unusual Words” Poster Brief

“Unusual Words” Poster Designs



At this stage of your HND you are offered the chance to undertake further work within a pathway – these are illustration and photography.

In answer to this brief you must produce outcomes that conform to ONE of the options. You should check the appropriate learning outcomes and work to achieve these.


The Brief

The book by the title of “Unusual Words” is about to be launched by the publisher Octopus Publishing Group.

You are to produce two markedly different posters that promote the book’s launch. You are to include image and type in any way that you feel is suitable. Each poster must contain at least one ‘unusual’ word and its dictionary definition. Your image and typeface choice should emphasise the meaning or mood of the word.

The poster is to be scalable to any A size. No smaller than A3 for submission.

You will choose your own copy.

Please include Octopus Publishing’s logo somewhere on your posters along with the launch date of November 1st 2013.

As ever, your journals and blogs must fully address the learning outcomes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with them.


Specific Learning Outcomes

Please see Moodle and your course handbook for the specific learning outcomes for each module. Please note that the pathways options (photo and illustration) have different learning outcomes.



Set: 23rd September 2013

Submission: 21st October 2013


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