Hand Illustration images

Because both of my words that I am using include the use of hands I began by finding images and sketches of hands to get an idea of anatomy as well as bone structure which is a key part of drawing body parts.


As you can see getting the anatomy of a hand or any body part is a must because it can cause your illustration to look out odd or deformed. For most of the hands that I have drawn I just drew around my own hand or used it as reference when drawing smaller hands. 


From this image I can see where the best place places for where to position shading as well as drawing hands in different positions which can be complex when working out which parts of the hands go where and what can and can’t be seen. 

hAND InnovationHandIllustration_DinisGuarda artwk_hands

Here is another example of what hands will look like if they are were to be created as a graphic novel style as well as another look at shadow positioning. Looking at fingernails is also another factor that I have to consider when drawing hand because all the nails are different in their length, as well as how nails grow and how to position the nails specifically without them looking out of place.


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