Initial Sketches

After choosing a few words i began by sketching some initial ideas for the imagery of the posters, I wanted the designs to not be the obvious choice to represent the words so i began by thinking of things that people associate with the the definition of these words and whether the audience could instantly identify what the images mean.


To begin with I started by sketching out an idea that I would make the poster look like a section of a dictionary with the definition and how to pronounce the word. I would have also included an image at the bottom with an example of the word, however this isn’t really a good option because of the small area that could have been used for the image, although this could have been changed.

image copy 2

For astraphobia I did a quick sketch of a person running from a cloud with lightning  extending from it, but i thought this was too obvious as an image which wouldn’t have included that much detail and would have meant that i would have needed to find an interesting typeface that could have caught the eye of the audience. I felt this is too basic and will not be using it as an idea.

image copy 5For this design i began by thinking of what was a common thing to happen when there was thunder and lightning was pets hiding under tables and beds with a window in view to show the audience the lightning, however this could have been misunderstood by the audience so this design didn’t get developed any further.

image copy


Another word was to design an image with a person with a bowl on their head with another set of hands cutting their hair which i like as a design, however it may have been too complicated as well as being too obvious. For the font to e used I would have either found of designed my own font that would have constructed letters using hair which could have already been cut off.

image copy 6

Another design for the Autotonsorialist is to have a pair of scissors and a bowl on a table and it would also feature a small child in the background with a bowl cut and some reference to DIY haircut. Again with a font made from strands of hair.

image copy 8

For Onychaphagy i didn’t want to do the obvious design of someones hands with really small nails so i began by sketching out a pair of wind-up toy teeth and then sketched out a hand moving towards it. I assume the audience will understand that this is a reference to biting your nails because of the imagery. For the typeface either the words made from the nail clippings made into shapes or have nails that have been cut into letters, however both of these types of lettering will be hard to find or make myself which could be as difficult if they are illegible for the target audience.

image copy 7

Another idea for Onychaphagy is to present an image of a hand on what looks like blue print plans with the fingernails marked for demolition/removal using teeth for which i would probably use the exact names for the teeth used instead of just teeth to make the blue-prints more believable. I would use a font that looks like it was written in chalk to keep with the blueprint aesthetic.

image copy 4


For Dactylonomy I made a sketch which was of a persons fingers becoming the numbers or an alteration would have been to have the whole of the persons fingers to be formed into the numbers 1-5 but this could have been difficult because I wanted to follow the anatomy of a persons finger, however this could have been difficult when it came to the more difficult letters like the 4 and 5.


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