Tavis Coburn Research





Tavis Coburn has worked on multiple projects with clients large and small, one of the major projects was the Marussia Virgin F1 graphics package. The package was designed to represent the Virgin’s F1 team in the Marussian rally. The use of a simple colour scheme complements virgins signature red colour and is increased because of the contrast from the blue and grey and black tones. All of the pieces are taken from photos to make sure that the scales as well as lines all extend to a centre point. The photos haven’t been copied but have been used to get the main focus of the page and removed the background and replaced it with a simple background that wouldn’t attract the reader’s eye. Faded lines have been placed behind the F1 car representing movement and speed.


Discovery Velocity Cafe Bike and Discovery Velocity Martini are large format posters advertising the launch of Discovery Network’s new men’s interest channel, “Velocity”. both of these posters use the simplistic background to make the foreground stand out more is the simple colour palette. The use of colour on the text means that any tag lines such as “Explore it.” and “When it’s packed” which makes them stand out which is an idea that I could use on my unusual words poster somehow. There is another example of how the artist has used lines to represent speed and acceleration, which I could use on the fingernail eating word to represent the movement of the chattering teeth toy; another example is the simple background designed so that it doesn’t detract the viewer’s eye from the imagery.


Next are Future of IOS illustrated for an article predicting trends in Apple’s mobile strategy. Again the use of red and blue is used as the main colours as an either/or for the background or foreground as well as being used to represent screens and glass. Unlike most of the other pieces the design on the left has is different because to represent the changing environment with apps and devices that they have been represented with lots of displays that have been placed all over the walls to represent the unlimited amounts of access that people have now.


Both of these posters have been designed without the use of the primary red and blue showing that there are other palettes that can be used. Although these are different to Coburn’s style which in my opinion is better when using the blue, black and red palette because of the high contrast and deep shadows that can be created.




Skin is created through the use of orange, red and skin tones to create people without altering his style. I chose to look at the process of how Coburn creates the skin in his pieces because both of my designs include hands so identifying a good way to create effective illustrative skin was a requirement for my designs.

Overall I like Coburn’s style and collection of work because of the colour contrast and effectiveness and would like to use this style as the my inspiration for my poster designs for the unusual words brief.

Images collected form: http://www.taviscoburn.com/portfolio.php



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