Dactylonomy Poster Changes

After beginning to design my dactylonomy poster I began to look at the initial sketches and the definitions I had found and began to redesign the sketches to use an abacus instead of changing the fingers of the hand into numbers which was a good initial idea, however I think that changing the fingers into parts of an abacus relates more to the definition that I will be using on the actual poster.

Abacus imagery:

Lee_Detail Chinese-abacus abacus-21 Abacus_1_(PSF) Abacus_5 10493-abacusc

As you can see all of the abaci feature a frame and multiple beads which could be a problem changing from flesh to a wooden frame unless I make the abacus have an organ look i.e. skin or to make it look look wooden like a normal abacus.

Abacus sketches:

photo 1 copy

I began by sketching my hand as an outline and then rubbed out the mid-section of the finger and replaced it with the beads and dowels to make up the abacus.

photo 4

Another sketch was to take off all of the fingers and swap them out for the dowels and beads, however both of the sketches above looked as if they could have been mistaken by the target audience as some sort of robotic hand.

photo 2 copy 2 The final sketch is to remove three quarters of the fingers on the hand and create a wooden frame of the abacus so that it is more identifiable to the target audience.


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