Onychaphagy Design process

To begin with I began by starting to create the chattering which was on of the main imagery of the poster. I placed a a background colour of a sea foam blue colour because just looking at the source images that i’m going to be transforming into the style of Tavis Coburn the blue will contrast the red of the gums and white of the teeth, as well as the skin tones of the hand; this will catch the eyes of the on-lookers and the target audience because of the bright high contrast colours used.

Picture 1I began by creating the lower gum line of the chattering teeth and then started on the teeth which were easier because i had to just do the top and sides of the teeth because the gums were on the top I didn’t have to create the bottoms of the teeth to follow the gum line. I then added a darker area to act as a shadow inside the mouth area.

Picture 3

Again the same process with the pen tool was repeated for the top of the chattering teeth tool and added a darker shade of red on the top to create more depth on the chattering teeth toy.

Picture 5

To begin with to create the hand i began by adding an effect to the image of my hand called ‘Poster Edges’ which makes the shading of the hand much easier as well as being closer to Coburn’s style. I began with the shading on the hand and using the eye-dropper tool to get the shading to be a correct colour.  Using the pen tool this step was quite easy to create, however it took an hour of so to get all the details and shapes to make up the hand. Making sure the colours for the skin tones were difficult because they had to be shading and only have a slight contrast.

Picture 6

After completion of the hand I began to create the the fingernails, because this poster is to do with nail biting so I began creating the finger nails with some shading and I also added an edge to the nails in white to show that they were quite long to the audience.

Picture 8

For the font I began by searching for a sans serif font so that it was easy for any of the target audience can read from far away as well as close up. After looking at a few viable fonts I resulted in choosing Futura Regular which is a very clean sans serif which i’m happy with. I altered the text so that it is an off-white so that it doesn’t distract from the white of the teeth from the chattering teeth toy. I began with the title of the book with the heading in a large size as well as the authors name and the release date of the book with each one being smaller to create a natural flow down the page.

Picture 9

After creating the logo I began by placing the logo underneath the title as well as at the top of the poster, however i want to keep the top area of the poster as a blank area giving space for the reader to not feel overloaded with text; leaving the space at the top created a diagonal lane in which the imagery and title of the book created which gave the poster a flow for the reader to follow. After some maneuvering of the logo I placed it parallel to the title of the words just above the chattering teeth.

Picture 11

I then began on the construct the unusual word as well as the definition and changed the formation of the definition and presenting it so that it follows the the diagonal flow of the poster. All of the text has had its spacing between its words as well a being  kerned so that it is easier to read for the target audience at a distance. I used guides as well to make sure that none of the content is too close to the edges of the poster as well as making a structure so that the text and imagery can be properly positioned so that it has correct spacing between to make sure that the poster doesn’t feel top heavy with text.

Picture 13


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