Music Genre CD Cover and Insert Design

Music Genre CD Design


In this second Options brief you are again offered the chance to undertake further work within a pathway – these are illustration or photography.

 In answer to this brief you must produce outcomes that conform to ONE of the option – this must be the same option as you chose for Unusual Words. You should check the appropriate learning outcomes and work to achieve these.

 The Brief

 A music company is to produce a series of compilation album CDs of various music genres.

 Each CD design must include the following:

  • Cover design
  • Design on actual disc (you can opt for a double disc album if you wish)
  • Insert design (booklet, poster or any other appropriate insert)
  • Full list of at least 8 tracks with title and performer

 Choose ONE genre of music for which to create the CD design. Please check your genre with a member of staff before proceeding.

 Specific Learning Outcomes

Please see Moodle and your course handbook for the specific learning outcomes for each module. Please note that the pathways options (photo and illustration) have different learning outcomes.


Set: 4th November 2013

Submission: Friday 13th December 2013


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