Daft Punk Cover Research

Daft Punk - Homework

Homework is the debut studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk, released in January 1997 on Virgin Records. The album cover has been created by physically threading and sowing the classic Daft Punk logo/imagery onto a piece of silk or satin material. This typeface goes on to be used throughout the years that Daft Punk have created music and is still used today.



Discovery is the second studio album by French house duo Daft Punk, released on 3 March 2001, by Virgin Records. It marks a shift in the sound from Chicago house, which they were previously known for, to disco, post-disco, garage house, and synthpop-inspired house. This album cover has been digitally created with the usual Daft Punk lettering being presented as to look as if it was liquid mercury with a spectrum of colours being presented underneath as if its leaking out, this brings colour to the cover which brings the audiences eye as well as making the cover seem more welcoming instead of cold and metallic which is what could have happened if there was no colour used in the piece. This cover has been kept simple with the black background so that the the audiences eye is brought to the text as well as being a better colour so that the multi-colour under-glow stands out more on a black background rather that a white back.

Daft Punk - Alive 1997

Alive 1997 is a live album by Daft Punk released in 2001. It contains the 45-minute excerpt in one continuous track on CD. The CD and vinyl packaging included a set of Daft Punk stickers. The layout for the album was done by Åbäke, and the photography by Serge Paulet. This album cover has been designed so that it looks like one of the moving boxes that groups take when on tour when moving equipment; because this is an album with all of their remixes and live recordings a moving case would have been the best option to represent live singles. The text has been designed so that it looks as if it has been stencilled onto the moving box using the photograph of the box by Serge Paulet.



Daft Club is an album by Daft Punk featuring numerous remixes of tracks from their 2001 album Discovery and one from Homework. It was released in 2003. Daft Club’s album cover has the traditional Daft Punk typeface and altered the wording to Daft Club because this was to be played in clubs throughout the world because of the number of remixes. The imagery for the album cover features Daft Punk’s iconic robotic helmets flanking the text on both sides with an added glare effect to make the helmets look as if the bright like coming from them is increased, this brings the audiences eye towards the helmets. Again the use of a black background gives the glare from the helmets more emphasis as well as bring the audiences eye to the coloured area of the cover.


Human After All is the third studio album by French duo Daft Punk, first released on March 14, 2005 internationally and a day later in the United States. The cover image of Human After All features the Daft Punk logo displayed on a television screen. Each single from the album (“Robot Rock”, “Technologic, “Human After All” and “The Prime Time of Your Life”) features a cover with a different image on a similar screen. This television theme is also expressed with tracks from the album, including “On/Off” and “Television Rules the Nation”.



Musique Vol. 1 1993–2005 is an anthology by Daft Punk released in Japan on 29 March 2006, in the United Kingdom on 3 April 2006, and in the United States on 4 April 2006. Following the formula for the Daft Punk album covers and this being a collection album the Daft punk album has the typography similar to their very first album ‘Homework’ and is simply designed have the red text with an white outline to contrast the red as well as the black as well the title of the album as well as the years that have been collected together. The contrast of the red and white against the black background brings the audiences eye to the artists name as well as the white text standing out.


Alive 2007 is a live album by French house duo Daft Punk, first released on 19 November 2007. It is the second album recorded live by the duo, following Alive 1997. The Cover art for this album features the layout of the stage that Daft Punk use when performing live and because this is another album featuring their live performances the stage has been recreated using simple lines.


This album cover also feature the word ‘Alive’ which is a deviation from the traditional theme of having ‘Daft Punk’ on the front cover. The use of a black background has been used again to give the colours more depth. For the target audience this cover has been designed so that it catches the eye of people who could be looking at multiple albums in shops as well as being identifiable as a Daft Punk album because of the use of the typeface and simple style.



Tron: Legacy is the soundtrack to the 2010 film of the same name, released byWalt Disney Records on December 3, 2010. It is the first film score by French music duo Daft Punk. This album cover has been designed specifically for the film with the use of the neon lighting to create the Tron typeface using the black background.



Random Access Memories is the fourth studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk. It was released by the duo’s imprint Daft Life, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, on 17 May 2013. This album cover features the traditional black background with Daft Punk’s helmets being placed side-by-side which makes it clear to the audience who’s album this is because Daft Punk are renowned for wearing their robotic helmets and gloves. The albums title has been featured in the cover written in a easy to read formal typeface which can be easily read and gives the cover a more sophisticated feel.




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