Initial Sketches for Daft Punk album

image 6As I knew that I would have to design the CD sections as squares so I drew out some squares and began sketching imagery for the CD cover inside or out. To begin with I sketched out Daft Punks iconic helmets because the target audience which would be people who enjoy their music will instantly understand that this is a Daft Punk album. The other two images were based off images that I collected of Daft Punk in suits and did a quick sketch of them that I could possibly place on the inside of the album.

image 7

Again I divided the page up and began sketching some square sections with initial ideas. to begin with I sketched out the Daft Punk typeface and I’m thinking I will create a stencil using the typeface and stencil it onto the front cover and then scan it in CS6 and digitally alter it. Again I sketched out another idea of the dynamic duo standing next to each other which i will make slightly smaller and then place the Daft Punk typeface behind them. Another design is having half both of the helmets bleeding off the cover, but after sketching it I am thinking of placing this design onto the CD Cover instead of the album cover. I then sketched two different designs based of photos and images that I have collected which are two good designs because one features Daft Punk with their back to the audience with the Daft Punk typography in the back of their jackets, the other design is the two facing each other which could be a good piece of imagery for the front cover or inside spread.


For the CD album I quickly made a test album from cardboard so that I know how any square panels I need to make designs for as well as where the CD will be placed so that I can work around it so that I know what details will be lost because its covered by the CD. I also made a CD cut-out as well to know what scale and where I can position the CD incase I want more than one CD in the album.

image 2


Here is the outside of the cover that the target audience will see when they pick up the CD in the cellophane which is some of the most important part because thats how you sell the album to people who haven’t heard of the musician.

image 3


For the CD cover I quickly sketched out another CD design which is to have the iconic helmets bleeding off the CD which I will do in an illustrative style with a black background to have the colours of helmets contrast as well as having the CD itself contrast against the white inlay of the CD album inside.

image 5

For the inside of the album I have found an image of Daft Punk positioned on some antique chairs which I like the look of because I can place each of them at both end of the inside when it’s open. This gives the inside good symmetry and structure as well as contrast because i’m planning on having a white background with this imagery silhouetting against it.

image 4


This is the outside of the album cover with the centre section featuring the song names, the right section is the front cover and the right is flap that can’t be seen when closed which means that i’m going to place Daft Punks other logo design which is the stage area that they use when performing live.



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