Packaging Test 1

After looking at ACD Sleeve I have decided to create the case for the Daft Punk album in the same way they do with an E shaped base which has the to be folded and glued. This creates the 3 sectioned CD case which I’ll be using with the disc placed on the centre of the case with imagery on the flanks of the CD.

photo 2

After finishing cutting and glueing the test case I found a problem straight away which was that the spine wasn’t large enough or bending properly so the case didn’t close fully, this can be a problem which when I make my actual case I can’t have it not closing so I will make a couple more test cases to get it right, however when making my case there are certain things that I need to keep in mind which is the thickness of the CD, the thickness of the material the case is made from, how thick the CD hub is when holding the CD which all affect how wide the CD spines have to be and because the sections have to overlap this adds another level of how the spines have to be precise.

photo 1

I scored the spines of the CD case to make sure that they bend easily and be straight, however when I was scoring it the scalpel was so sharp that it cut through the thin card which can’t happen when I create the actual case.

photo 3

Another problem i ran into was that the front cover flap couldn’t overlap the whole case fully which isn’t good but i’m thinking if I wait and don’t cut the ends of the CD case until the end then I can make sure that they are the right length instead of them being cut and then finding they aren’t the right size and having to start again.

photo 4


To make sure that the CD case stays shut I’m thinking of integrating some magnets into the case so that it stays shut which will have to be added when bending and glueing the case together. Im going to use 10mm diameter x 0.5mm Neodymium disk magnets which are really strong rare earth magnets which will easily hold the case shut.


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