Packaging Test 2

After my first test I used all that I learnt when creating my second test CD case which was a success. I’m happy with the final result because the case design I was able to integrate into the design so that if there were any tweaks or changes that I had to do to make sure the ends all line up and aren’t too short when the case is produced.

photo 1

After cutting the the main shape of the CD case from the card I began by scoring the outside edges to help bend the card to create the fold down the middle as well as creating the spines.

photo 2


After putting the CD case together I cut the ends as well as the bottom of the piece of card to make sure that both the ends are long enough so they don’t leave a lip as well as to make sure they are all the same length.

photo 3


Here an image that shows that the spines are the correct length so that the case stays shut. I have also made sure that I know where the magnets have to be positioned when I make the case to keep it shut.

photo 4


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