Deadmau5 Album Covers



Get Scraped is the debut full-length album by deadmau5. It was released on the independent record label ZOOLOOK. The album stylistically differs from deadmau5’s later and more well-known progressive house sound. Many tracks feature influences from IDM, ambient,downtempo, noise pop and trip hop among others. The album features the iconic mau5 head that Zimmerman created placed on a clean white background with a shadow placed underneath making the head look 3D. A simple 8-bit text has been positioned at the top with the ZOOLOOK logo placed next to it within grey rectangles which suits the 8-bit font because of its square nature.


Vexillology is the second studio album released by progressive house artist deadmau5. It is one of two of his albums that does not contain the typical “mau5head”—deadmau5’s signature helmet that he usually wears on stage—on its cover image. The album title comes from the term for the study of flags and their symbols. The illustration for the mouse and hand have been hand sketched and then digitally edited , the Deadmau5 title has been altered also using what looks like a hand drawn heading as well.



Random Album Title is the third studio album by house producer deadmau5. Released on the labels Mau5trap Recordings, Ministry of Sound and Ultra Records, it is deadmau5’s breakthrough album. It is the first album to feature the “Arial Black” font. The album cover features that mau5 head which has been digitally created with glowing eyes which is why the black background has been used. The white Ariel Black font in white contrasts the black background but also matches the white of the eyes and mouth which bring the cover together.


For Lack of a Better Name is the fourth studio album by Canadian house producer deadmau5 (his second mainstream album). This album features more diverse musical tones and lends itself to progressive house. Deadmau5 collaborates with MC Flipside on “Hi Friend!”, and with Pendulum’s Rob Swireon “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”. This album cover features the same Ariel Black heading contrasting the black background. The mau5 head has been designed so that it looks as if it is moving out of the darkness with it’s blue eyes as contrast radiating the light onto the ears and reflecting off the area in front of the head. The name of the album has been coloured in the same colour as the eyes.



4×4=12 (Four Times Four Equals Twelve) is the fifth album by Canadian electronic artist deadmau5. It was released worldwide (except in the U.S.) on 6 December 2010 through Virgin Records. The album was released in the United States on 7 December 2010 through Ultra Records. The album’s name references an incident on deadmau5’s Ustream channel, where he mistakenly said that his live setup of four banks of four “equals twelve”.  Another album featuring a black background with a high contrast colour, the mau5 head has been created using LED’s and then photographed and edited so that it contrasts the background, as well as the same colour as the heading with the title of the album being white which stands out the most against the black and electric green.


Album Title Goes Here (stylized as > album title goes here <) is the sixth studio album by Canadian house producer deadmau5 (his fourth mainstream album). It was released on September 21, 2012 by Ultra Records. This album features the Ariel Black font in white contrasting the black background , followed by the title of the album in the same font coloured to match the background’s gradient. The main imagery of the album cover isn’t the usual mau5 head but an alternative with the mouth being open and some of the head shattered away to contain a cat’s head.




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