Mid-Point Crit

After the mid-point crit I have found that i started to research Daft Punk and have forgotten that the album had to be a compilation CD which will has to be addressed, even before the crit was finished i have found a solution which is to include another artist Dead Mau5 which is another artist within the genre who also wears an iconic mask/disguise. Most of the imagery that I have collected for Daft Punk is still usable and now I will start the same process of collecting imagery and researching Dead Mau5; i would also like to add another artist to the compilation but i would like to keep to the iconography which is that the artists wear their iconic helmets to hide their true identity.

The case itself will not need to be changed but the what is presented on the panels will need to be changed so that it incorporates all the artists as well as the insert.  


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