CD cover Ink Process

From my CD cover I wanted to create ink splatter for to represent the florescent paint used in paint cannons when clubbing as well as having some of the headings stand out. For the Daft Punk heading i began by printing out a large Daft Punk font and with a scalpel made the stencil. I then used a brush and some black ink and first went over the stencil and went over the cutouts to get different results. I then scanned in the designs and made them black and white to get pure black.

daft punk ink font 001


For the Deadmau5 heading I made a stencil like before but using my airbrush I created another style of how to create an effect gradient around text which is good, however altering the viscosity of the paint as well as the PSI of the compressor could have made it a more clean and clear gradient. 

Deadmau5 airbrush 001


I also created some ink splatters because I didn’t like the present effects in Photoshop and nothing beats the real thing. For these used a straw and dropped in onto a page as well as flicking the straw loaded with ink also to create these streaks.

splatter 2.1 001 splatter1 001 splatter 2.2 001     


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