Design Factory Work

After a trip to the Design Museum in London we were given an activity to choose sic objects/artefacts/designs and complete a detailed analysis.


Here is my first object which is a child struggling to wrestle a Sumo Wrestler, because it is a Sumo wrestler depicted the culture and roots of the photo is that from Japan where specating Sumo wrestling is a past time. The object is just an image without any alteration with text or designs placed around it, which can also be identified to being another aspect of Japanese design which is to have clean presentation and clear out designs. This piece made me think of what the title of the piece could be and ‘Up hill struggle” came to mind or ‘An impossible task’, which is why when I think of either if those sayings or things that come to mind I’ll probably think of this image. The design elements of this piece is that of the child struggling to try to push over the adult Sumo wrestler set in an actual wrestling ring. With some research the whom, where and why this photo was taken should be easily found and it can be easily created because the cost will be low because of the cost of hiring a Sumo to use as a model.


Next I looked at this Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy movie poster which to me is interesting because of the simplicity of the poster and how one small image can have that much to with the film. To begin with I questioned what this poster was about, however after reading some of the movie title I knew what the poster meant as well as the significance of a chess piece to the movie. The Design elements of the piece are simple to have a chess piece in the centre with the name of Gary Oldman the main actor, followed by the name of the book and then all the other relevant information such as when its being released as well the author’s name of the original book. The chess piece and the name of the film are coloured red because this is the main focal point for the audience because the British and people around the world know the book Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, which is why when I knew what the trailer was about then I thought about the film that had been produced recently. This poster inspires me that a single object can be so iconic when in context as well as the simple layout and display of the poster can be presented.


Here is a Burton snowboard that Paul Smith created the design to be placed on it; from the design you can see that the base graphic has been taken from a photograph of an old rug, in the description it says that this board was specifically made for Smith using one of his fathers photograph’s with Paul’s signature on the bottom featured with the Burton Stamp/Logo. The photo used is from a hand-made rug and old camera then from that the image was taken and edited so that a section of it would be placed onto the board. This piece is a one-off board designed specifically for Smith which is what as designers we do for our clients.


One of Paul Smith’s sculptures is that of a rabbit that can be used as a rubbish bin. I can’t really identify the roots of this piece because I don’t really understand Paul Smith’s fixation around rabbits, but it’s probably interesting because throughout the trip I saw multiple pieces that contained rabbits in which was one of the questions I asked myself. The rabbit is standing up holding the bin accepting the rubbish and the green colour has been used because it would work well with a black bin attached and I could see it being used to teach children to throw away their rubbish. This bin was commissioned for the exhibition, however the actual bin has been removed so that people don’t use it as such.


Evian commissioned Paul Smith to create them a special edition bottle, so using Smith’s iconic multi stripe pattern he designed the bottles to that the neck was covered in the striped with different coloured caps on the top with either Smiths initials or his signature. I think the design looks interesting and caught my eye because of the interesting colours and design of the bottle when all it is is a bottle of water. These are not the regular bottles of Evian as because they are the special edition bottles so they will cost more to be produced as well as the one use that they have as the bottles are not resealable.


Paul smith also added his multi stripe to a mini which was also featured in the exhibit was a limited edition mini that Smith had the interior made so that it was similar to some of the material that he had used in his clothing line. When I first saw the mini I didn’t know that Paul Smith’s icon was the multi-stripe but I still liked the design. Mini had the piece commissioned so the cost was fairly low, but finding the correct colours could have been troublesome because Smith wanted exact colour match on the mini.


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