Celebrity Branding Brief

The Brief

You are to develop the branding of a given celebrity.  The aim of the project is to design a branding that will project a positive image of the person. It is important that you create your branding in a way that you believe the celebrity would wish to be portrayed rather than how you feel about them.

You must research around the topic of branding and personal promotion with a view to demonstrating the key concepts regarding branding.

Typography must, of course, be well considered throughout.


You are to produce a logo, letterhead, business card and compliment slip. These items are to be of standard size. We would also like you to consider the making or visualising of a promotional item. Again, you will need to research these.

This means that all of these deliverables need to all look similar and work well together if they were placed next to each other.

Learning Outcomes

(1) An increased awareness of the constraints of a design brief.
(2) Developed a deeper understanding and evaluation of solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.
(3) Increased awareness of the history of typography including traditional typographic terminology and how it has been adapted to modern technology.
(4) Developed a greater awareness of the connotations of typeface choice and be able to justify decisions across a wide range of applications.
(5) Developed an increasing awareness of contemporary typographic trends and innovative developments.


(1) Developed their ability to solve design problems within the structure of a design brief.
(2) Developed awareness of the concepts and practice of graphic design needed to underpin the creative process.
(3) Applied the practice of thorough and relevant research as an aid to the development of individual creativity.
(4) Begun to understand and use skill, and critical judgement when choosing and using type, which will allow creative freedom in their design solutions.


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