Branding Deliverables Design

As part of the brief we have to design deliverables which the celebrity would use, which is why researching examples of deliverables is a big thing to create a cohesive logo and imagery that can be used on different medias. These examples have been used from SpoonGraphics (link below).


Caitlin Workman – Here is an example of a good colour scheme that had been used used to link the deliverables together and can be easily noticed as being one piece. My only improvement would be that the orange text would be difficult to read against the light grey piece of paper as well as altering the oranges so they are all the same as some look more red than orange in places. I like the idea of the business card with another colour on the back as a contrast which is an option I will consider for my celebrity branding.


Filthymedia – I chose this because I like the colour scheme with the black as the main colour which uses the white for text and the teal as a contrast colour which makes the text and any coloured areas eye-catching for the audience. There has been some gloss added to to the envelope to make the name stand out more as well as having raised text which is another aspect I like because the audience will run their fingers over it which makes the deliverables interacting with another sense. letters contrast the black with a standard white piece of paper with the name of the company printed on it which I think would have been better when printing letters which would need to be printed in mass will save ink.


QC Productions –  The next set of deliverables I chose because of the simplicity of the design and colour scheme. These deliverables have used a similar white black and teal colour scheme which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The simplicity of the colour scheme makes printing easy as there isn’t too much colour and any text used can be easily read.


Traditional China Medicine – Themed deliverables is another aspect to keep in mind when in design as to a target audience the pieces need to be instantly identifiable that they belong to the company. The choice of colour and patterns in  this piece have been chosen/designed so that they can be identified to relate to China in some sort of way which is part of the company. The letter has been designed so that it has the companies logo at he top and the faded waterfall image at the bottom which I think takes up space, which means that letters can’t be too long because of the reduction of space.


Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop – Here is a good example of deliveries that have been designed to use the logo to advertise the company. The colour scheme has been kept to a black and white which makes printing easy. There is only a few deliverables as a barbers probably doesn’t need a letter head or envelopes.


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