Branding Logo Design

To begin my logo design process for the celebrity branding brief I have started to research to research how logos have been created and what processes a designer needs to go through how to create an effective logo that can be used to give Russell Brand a brand that he can use on his deliverables.

I began by looking at logos that are smart with hidden symbolism which was an interesting concept to keep in mind when designing a logo for a company or person. These logos are typographically heavy with some alterations to include a hidden meaning. After looking at the website (link at the bottom) I chose a few examples that I will look at and evaluate.


This freedom logo is the first logo that caught my eye because of the simplicity of the alteration to the typography which creates the imagery of a bird flying which semiotically can be understood by the target audience. I think the choice of a bird to represent freedom was a good idea because birds can fly which is seen as an unstoppable freedom because birds can go anywhere. The positioning of the cut out section has to be close enough so that people can recognise that the section removed forms an M when placed back so the people can read the word.


Curious is another good example of altered type that creates interesting logo; instead of placing the question mark at the end of the word which is ok but it wouldn’t seem to be a logo just a word. The repositioning of the question mark to form the C is what I like about this logo as a simple repositioning can create a good logo which at first glance spells out the word as well as incorporating the question mark.


This big shift logo I chose because of the placement of the coloured outlines which is an optical illusion that makes it look as if the logo is moving and could be seen in 3D. The use of two different typefaces also improves the effectiveness of the logo because instead of making the word big the bold sans serif typeface which would have been the obvious option, making the shift the larger word gives it more emphasis and makes the coloured word outlines larger which also makes the word shift seem as if its moving more.


Another example of a simple swap and repositioning to create this logo. The N has been removed and a 2 has been put in its place when its turned to the side. I like the idea of the logo, however the 2 placed on its side makes the logo difficult to read if the audience are driving past it as it takes a second glance to read and understand the logo.


This logo I think is more of a logo because of the use of the book that is held open to represent the shape of a cut diamond, the book is also shaded to give the emphasis of glare or shine what could happen to a diamond as well as a book. I like the logo, however I would increase the size of the text so that its easier to read and larger for the audience when they see it.



The final logo that I looked at was the CodeFish logo which is simple and has an image of a fish made out of punctuation which is used in coding. The background colour is used to represent the sea which contrasts the white of the text, however if this is placed on a letter or business card the logo will be placed into a rectangle of the background colour which aesthetically wouldn’t look good.



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