Colourful Fluoro Duotone Research

When doing research for the celebrity branding I found a few techniques that I liked that I could use for branding Russell Brand. Colourful Fluoro Duotone pieces really stood out which is trait I believe that Russell Brand would want if he had a logo, business card and other deliverables. I find this technique interesting because of the aesthetic that can be created, however this can only be achieved with good imagery. When using this style I will have to be aware of contrasting colours as well as colouring the images so that details are not lost because the colours are too dark. Because of the duotone nature details in the image will get lost in the colours which could affect the overall finish of the image, another thing to keep in mind is the lighting of the imagery as obviously the highest pieces of the image will be highlighted and stand out the most and have the most area visible in the image. If I were to use this style I will add and alter the imagery so that they can be used at a smaller scale without loosing detail because it’s been scaled down.

tumblr_mg4o08xFyg1qgiyt6o1_500 tumblr_me7n8vlh0E1rzf03bo1_500 tumblr_mzmchkK3Jk1seidano1_500 tumblr_mxxa4zfjOV1seidano1_500 tumblr_msi1faDbVh1seidano1_500 tumblr_mxz8gncCft1seidano1_500

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