Branding Initial ideas

For my initial ideas I knew I wanted to keep the colour scheme bright and colourful and eye-catching to keep in line with Russell’s identifying characteristics and personality. For the logo/imagery I wanted it to be something that people can look at and know its russell brand as visual communication is everything; unlike some celebrities Russell is known for his unique look as well as his name because of the scope of his career.

First I began by writing downs some key words that could be used to describe him and then sketched images that are semiotically linked to these words. I then sketched the ideas that used the imagery sketched below, however when I sketched out the ideas I wasn’t too happy with them and looked at recent interviews and his website and thought about creating a Guerrillo Heroico copy with Russell instead of Che Guevara.

image 2


Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 15.34.50


This was just a rough mock up of the idea that i though of creating, however I decided against using this concept as I would rather have an original design instead of an inspired one.

image 3

Continuing from the simplified colour of the previous design I thought about simplifying that so that the imagery was Russell’s hair which is another factor that people when asked thought of when asked about him; so this was another design that I had quickly sketched, however during the mid-brief critique I was made aware of the possibility that if her were to alter his hair style in anyway for the future then the semiotics of the image will be lost but I though that if i changed it so that it was an image of him then people will know and also because when asking people about my initial designs that they could have thought the person was meant to be Jesus which is understandable.

image 4


I then began trying some different typographic logos and gradually improved them and altered them due to comments from people but the concept of people knowing who Russell Brand is for his face instead of his name was still and contributing factor when designing his brand. I also thought about using gold and silver foils on the logo but when researching and listening to Russell Brand I think he would think this to be not really his style that he would want as he is the customer that we are creating the brand for.

image 6


I then thought about colour schemes which is when I began to research duo-colour affects on imagery as well as adding halftone dot patterns to add another effectiveness of the imagery. I will look at colour schemes that will work well in duotone as well as be presentable when producing a business card and other stationary.


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