Letterhead and Compliment Slip

I knew that I wanted the Letterhead and Compliment Slip to look similar with the same heading as well as design/colours. After looking for clear sans-serif typefaces I found one that was clear to read as well as having good aesthetics, without being too over the top that it was difficult to read. Because the sheets have to be blank so that anything can be printed on them I added a gradiented curve at the base using the colours that are similar to the logo colours.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 19.11.38

I  added an underline under the headings that is weighted at size 3 so it won’t look to thick when printed as well as adding Russell Brand’s website on the left so that people who receive this letter will know where to go to reply or browse for Russell Brand. The gradient at the bottom is to add some colour to the black sheet and link the other deliverables together. The colour of the text is a navy blue because due to feedback black can be to bold when printed on a white piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 19.12.05

The compliment sheet has the same text but in a smaller format so that it can have a smaller amount of information as well as the gradient being smaller also to have more space for text.

I used grids on both pieces so that they will look uniform when placed next to each other as well as the colours used.


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