Design Ideas

To begin with I started by creating a spider diagram with different ideas I had to for the design museum brief. The brief wants something that is British but not a cliché that can be designed so that that’s our interpretation of what it could look like in 20 years time.

photo 1

Starting with postcards I thought about how there could be images of well-known places throughout Britain that have had the landscape altered to what they could like in 20 years time as well as being clearly defined as being British for tourists to instantly identify. An idea was to have London as a silhouette with the London Eye and Houses of Parliament ect. with additional buildings to look more futuristic.

The next idea was to redesign the packaging for Royal Mail as everything that is sent or delivered are in brown boxes and brown bubble envelopes which could be redesigned so that they are more uniform and can be processed quickly. In addition I would redesign the stamps so that they are Data Matrixes that contain all the information needed such as Address as well as when it was sent and return addresses and other information.

Another design idea was to redesign the British currency like the notes and coins as well as different additions that are used on the notes such as holograms and watermarks. For the currency different peoples portraits and possibly quotes can be used on the currency so that they are different from todays.

photo 2


To get inspiration for modern and futuristic looking elements that I can use in my design process I would look at these science fiction films as well as art books to understand how the designers in these mediums created futuristic logos as well as text and packaging and buildings.

photo 4 photo 3



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