Currency ZAR Research

I started by looking at money that had recently been updated and so started researching the South African Rand as more inspiration to help me create a new British Pound notes in 20 years time. The South African Rand increase in size muck like most other currencies to represent value and are high in colour that differentiates the notes from each other. All the notes feature the former South African Leader Nelson Mandela shown in different colours but with the same image of him. On the front of the notes the background are all slightly different with blank areas for holograms. Clear fonts have been used on the notes so that they can be easily read and differentiated between as well as colour. On the reverse of the notes feature some of Africa’s most well known animals presented in the same style as the image of Mandela. There are also smaller images used in the background of the notes that are all linked to the early African cave paintings that are all slightly different. ZAR BANKNOTES


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