Hong Kong Dollar Analysis

When researching currency I found the Ten Hong Kong Dollar that has recently been updated and the which I like because of the detail and patterns that have been integrated into the background of the note. Off the centre of the note there is a watermark of a horse inside a hexagon that has been divided up and so sections are printed and some are missing so that they are visible when held to the light.

Hong Kong 10 Dollars 2007 reverse P-


I also like the colour scheme of the note as well because of the use of the purple and blue used throughout the note in all the details in the background; the details in the background of the note will be difficult to create and produce because of there being such small detail.

The most time consuming piece of the project will be creating all the background detail in the background as well as integrated the imagery into the note as well as finding well designed fonts that can be read easily as well as colours that stand out easily against all the different colours as each note will have a specific colour.


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