Initial Ideas and Development

For the design of the notes I began by sketching out different designs for what I think the note shape could be if I was to redesign it. After the presentations I got some good feedback about altering the shapes of the notes could be a good idea because in the past notes of all different values used to be very large like the size of A4 pieces of paper and also the question ‘why do notes have to be rectangular’. Also there would be difficulties for creating this money with a named King/Queen because imagery of them on the notes would have to be aged because I was pushing the 10-20 years in the future.


After asking people what they think of our current notes and what people would change and what they like about them; after collecting my results I saw general patterns that people liked how the currency values are differentiated by the colour and size of the notes. I started by sketching different shapes for the notes so that the numbers are on view and can be easily found if they were placed in a wallet.


I sketched out areas of the notes that could be removed from the shape that is available at the moment and looking at different shapes that I could use. After creating some sketches I evaluated the shape designs and began by removing the designs that when they become worn will rip and tear on their weakest points like corners.


I then cut some to scale 5,10,20 and 50 pound notes and and altered the shape so that they are all different and also tried the size in a wallet to see whether they will fit and where they will bend when the wallet is closed.


I started looking at shapes and other imagery that I could use on the notes still keeping to the futuristic theme. Hexagons and other geometric shapes were used and then using them in a repeating pattern that I’m thinking of using for a background as well as integrating the shapes into imagery on the notes.


If I was going to integrate a hologram into the design I started with the obvious design which was the Union Jack and crown, although the brief did say steer clear. I added in part of the coat of arms as well as the title for Prince Charles if he was king. These have all been integrated into the current notes and so I wanted to use something similar to that on the new notes that i’m creating.



I looked at the British Coat of Arms and wanted to use it on the new notes but I wanted to alter it so that it would be more modern and removed some of the additional details that can be left out because streamlining and reductionism are the key points that i wanted to use on the notes.


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