Brief and Proposal



A Japanese alcoholic drinks company wants to advertise their product to increase their popularity over the larger name brands of different types of alcohol such as Vodka and Rum. They desire to increase the introduction and use of their product to bring in a larger audience to increase the appeal and consumption of their beverage, as well as appeal to all ages that can drink.


For the company you are to design:


– A label for the drink

– The packaging for the bottle

– Logo for the drinks company


Hand in date: 23rd May



My aim is to create an interesting label design that are eye-catching and draw the audiences eye to the product so that they consider purchase because of the quality of the design. I intend to achieve this by researching packaging, advertising and label design and getting feedback from the target audience and also researching Japanese culture and the history of the beverage and its uses i.e. in cooking and general consumption.


Specifically I intend to create a logo for the company that looks strong and will appeal to the target audience, packaging for the bottles will hold the bottle firmly and also stand out against other packaging with the use of interesting colour and imagery. I am also going to design the box in which the the bottle will be packaged that will be eye-catching as well as appeal to the target audience.


I intend to research the audience considering what makes them consider buying other drink types and what they would look at to consider buying a product. I would increase my knowledge of Japanese influences including culture, architecture, religion, and other graphic pieces that have been influenced by Japan and its style. I would research other branded alcohols and what their posters and packaging and labels look and the aesthetics of the pieces and how they change from different types of drink.


To achieve the Learning Outcomes I will be looking back at the learning outcomes every week and as well including how much closer I am to achieving them with the weekly reflection posts on my blog. 


By the end of this module, students will have:

(1)Developed skills of independent study, resource utilisation, problem-solving and decision-taking.

(2)Developed skills of thinking, analysis, reflection and evaluation.

(3)Developed their ability to scan and organise data, abstract meaning from information and communicate knowledge in a variety of formats.

(4)Developed their ability to apply knowledge and skills in the production of a self-initiated practical project.

(5)Developed their skills of visual, written and oral communication.



To test my outcomes I will get feedback from different people in the audience with open questioning that I will record and post about including how these opinions have altered and evolved my design so that it has improved the semiotics and aesthetics of the product. To maintain my aim to complete the outcomes to the best of my ability I plan to keep looking back to the outcomes.


My experimentation for this will be the use of foils and experimenting by trying to print on clear plastics for the labels and having coloured bottles to be used as the background colour. Also making packaging from scratch for the bottle means researching nets and materials and printing methods.


To show constant reflection I will have posts every week on my blog demonstrating the reflection on the learning outcomes and my opinions and thoughts about the projects as well as my trail of thought when designing the and improving upon my work.


For my professional practices I will be creating the piece and photographing the pieces for imagery that can be used in my portfolio Photo-shopping the imagery so that they can be mocked up on posters in public as well as the product itself in some of the photos.


My contingency plan for the design is that if I do not have enough time towards the end of the project to only do a single poster and failing that I will only produce a label design and packaging for the bottle but I would probably photograph the bottle and create a poster from that. Materials is another part of the project to consider as I need to find plastic that is clear that I can print on that can be wrapped around a bottle for the label as well as materials to make the packaging for the box for the bottle that looks aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. Keeping to my schedule will be key to make sure that I get everything for this project completed to the best of my ability as well as maintaining a detailed blog.



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