FMP – What to do?

After having a lesson about the final major project I began by creating a mind map of the different ideas I had for the project. I enjoyed the celebrity branding project so I wanted to do more branding and because of the longer time line it meant I could do more.



Like my last project I thought about the publicisation of Royal Mail and thought about redesigning the logo and creating packaging that can be sold at post offices with specific different ways to convey the addresses and different postage stamps that can be re designed from the original ways that we have today.

Russian Vodka was another idea that was another idea which will focus on a traditional label that focuses on being 100% Russian as well focusing on Russian history like propaganda in the second world war and imagery such as the hammer and sickle.

Japanese Sake was another drink that I wanted to rebrand because I found the Japanese culture fascinating last year when I was doing a double page spread. Another point was that part of the rebranding can be to spread the popularity of Sake throughout Britain. There is a large number of different aspects throughout Japanese culture that I could research and use in my design including calligraphy, anime/manga and historical aspects such as Samurai and the Japanese language itself.

Alternately another idea was to do an Italian wine focusing around ancient Rome, however I didn’t think I’d have much enthusiasm about this one as even though I’m interested in Ancient Rome but I don’t drink wine at all which could be a factor to keep in mind because a loss of enthusiasm could hinder myself over the long time period.


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