Clear Bottle Label Analysis

A clear label for my design to be printed on was a concept that I wanted to try because I when looking at other bottles and label designs the label had to contrast the bottle because there was no way of getting the label colour to match the glass colour or liquid inside if it is a clear bottle; this is why i wanted to print my label off on a clear material so that the contents of the bottle can be seen as well as the label design standing out. A problem that I am expecting to run into is that when printing white it is represented as blank space because majority of printing is done on white paper so there is no need to print white ink on white paper.

131521Here is an example of another Sake bottle but using a clear label which works well because it doesn’t cover over any of the coloured glass and the most important parts such as the name of the company, what the product is and the logo stand out against bottle (there is a different version in a green bottle which the gold and white stand out more against). Gold is another colour that I doubt I will be able to print, however I can use gold foil on the box and a sand colour when printing the label realistically.


Another clear bottle label is the Desperado label which is clear so that the golden colour of the beer can be seen behind the label. The use of colour is very vibrant relating to Mexico because it is tequila (originated in Mexico) flavoured beer and so the designer wanted to get that characteristic across. The name for beer has been translated into multiple different languages so that the beer can be sold in different countries without having to have a different label for those counties.


Amigos is another flavoured beer that has a clear label, however this design is based on a Mayan design using the same colour palette similar to the Mexican flag. When I looked at the Amigos bottle I saw that it features the Amigos characters which are the three mayans on the label on the lid which is another aspect of the design that i should consider and integrate into my design.


Another clear label that I didn’t realise it was clear because the label is rectangular and uses all of that space and has a very small amount of clear label showing is another beer Sol which uses the colour of the beer to represent the sun which is what the word sol means in spanish. Majority of the label is white using clear as the negative space for the outlines to give the imagery depth which is good when there is colour behind it, however Sake is a clear liquid so the only way this could be achieved was if the bottle used is coloured.


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