Company Logo Initial Sketches

I began by thinking of different company logos that I could use for the Japanese alcoholic company. I began with by looking at past Japanese companies such as Toyota (Cars), Namco Bandai (Gaming), Sega (gaming), Panasonic (Electronics) ect; when I looked at the original logos for these companies they were all very simple, most used the name of the company as the logo with different typefaces.



I sketched out different logos using characters for the name of the company in Japanese written in Kanji. I used Kanji because it is more complex and fluid Character style than that of Hiragana and Katakana because both of those styles are very simple and  wanted a more square and interesting character. Kanji is harder to write than Hiragana and Katakana because it has Chinese influences which is a more difficult language to learn the written part of. I began with easily identifiable logos such as the Japanese gateway and the Bonsai tree which would be placed in a round circular border so that when it is printed on the bottle there aren’t sections of the logo missing when looking straight on. Another logo I designed was a traditional Samurai helmet, however I felt that this was too Japanese, more of a stereotypical logo. I also created a rising sun logo, still in the circle for easy line of sight; if i were to fabricate the rising sun logo I would create the logo out of metallic red foil to make it more eye-catching. The final logo is the Kanji character for Industries; after showing people within the target audience they described the character as being aesthetically “strong”, “powerful” and “Impactful” because of the vertical and horizontal lines give the impression of structure, the logo also looks as if it has the Y for Yashida and I for Industries integrated into their logo. After showing 15+ people the logos the general consensus was that the character for ‘Industry’ was their favourite of the collection shown because of the aesthetically pleasing look as well as link that it had to Japan being one of the characters that the language uses meaning Industry.


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