Calligraphy Experimentation

I planned to integrate calligraphy in my designs for the label and box packaging for the Sake drink and so I  got a brush and some black ink and began first by using a pencil and drawing out the character before trying to replicate it with the brush, however after replicating the character in freehand and it looked better; cleaner lines which were because of the spontaneity of the freehand that I wasn’t able to replicate because I was trying to keep to the lines.



Although this is the Yashida Industries logo that I created I want to know what the audience think of the calligraphy version against the square version I have written. I wrote all the characters that I will be using on the label and box so that I can show a sample of the target audience and find out what characters they think look aesthetically pleasing to them.


Here is the collection of characters that I wrote, I repeated all the characters  to make sure that i had extra copies incase there are any errors or mistakes in the first one as well as dividing up parts of the characters so that when these characters are scanned in I can if need be create the full characters separately.





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