Label Design Sketches

After designing the logo for the drinks company I began by sketching out some different ideas for the label using the dimensions from the bottle that I am going to use. Having the dimensions meant that I could start designing the label with knowing what can be seen on the label as well as how large/small everything needed to be to be a cohesive design.



I began with a very minimalistic label which was to have the background textured so that it would look like ancient Japanese calligraphy paper and using the calligraphy that I have already produced to be used on the design as well as the seal that is used to identify who wrote the calligraphy. The seal will be coloured red which is the traditionally colour for the seals to that they stand out against the pale yellow colour of the Japanese parchment. This design is very basic which I think is an issue, however I thin because of the clean design it will stand out on a shelf tempting the target audience.

Compared to the first design there is a lack of English so it will not be 100% clear what the product is, to solve the problem of buyers not knowing what the product is even though it will be sold in the alcohol section of the supermarkets and shops I will have English and Japanese translations on the back label with the bard code and other important information.

The second design features the calligraphy as well as the English translation of each word in an elegant sans-serif font that I found after comparing multiple typefaces. The seal is another aspect of the design that I kept incorporating to keep the designs close to traditional calligraphy that has been written for hundreds of years in Japan. The third design is similar that it is the English equivalent of the Japanese characters in the center with the calligraphy and seal placed in the corners.


My fourth design incorporated the Shinto gates that are a well-known piece of Japanese architecture and is the entrance to most Shinto temples which relate to the name of the Sake which is Sun Goddess, who is a key deity in Shinto religion being the Goddess of the sun and also the heavens, which is why the rising sun is also depicted in this design. The name of the Sake is then placed in the centre flanked by the legs of the gate with the rising sun positioned behind. I like this design because it relates to the Shinto religion which connects to the name of the Sake and I believe will look aesthetically pleasing to the audience as well as semiotically it can be instantly identified as a Japanese alcohol.




The fifth design is similar to the fourth design, it features the name of the Sake in English in the same typeface referenced above. The calligraphy is placed on the flanks with the name of the Sake in Japanese as well as the name of the seal on the other side. All of the text is positioned in the center of the Shinto gate and in front of the rising sun background.

The fourth design is simply a rising sun placed in the bottom right corner with the name in the center in calligraphy I like this design because the imagery links to the name of the Sake. If I could I would produce the rising sun so that it is golden using foil, however I only have the materials to make the imagery on the box gold using gold foils and the label will have a colour similar to gold.


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