Sake Box Creation

To start the box I began by measuring the bottle and with the dimensions from that I created a net for the box with tabs for gluing as well as flaps for the top like most boxes as well as the base having 3 tabs that can be glued which should give enough support to hold the bottle in there without it falling out, however I will add some more support for the base from the inside to make sure that the bottom stays shut.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 20.02.48


For the box I planned to have the box being black card with the imagery being presented in golden foil so that it contrasts the black and links to the gold flakes that will be floating in the Sake. I placed the Shinto Gate on the front of the box along with the alcoholic content of the Sake at the bottom of the box so that its easy to see also. I placed the Yashida Industries logo on the center of the back of the box and making sure that the logo and the imagery on the front of the box is also clear enough to read from afar and also will stand out against the black card. I finally placed the rising sun on the top opening of the box which should stand out and look aesthetically pleasing. I was thinking of adding what looked like gold flakes using the foil over the black, however asked some of the target audience and they agreed that the flakes on the box would contrast the Japanese ideology of it being clean, clear and sleek, and so I didn’t add any shapes to represent the gold flakes.


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 20.03.13


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