Sun Goddess Sake Front Label Creation

For the label I began by creating a grid using guides on a separate layer down the middle and dividing the whole label up equally so that I could get spacing evenly over the entire label. I began by creating the background of the label which is the rising sun; I also placed the actual size sketch of the logo at the back so that I could use it to position the imagery correctly. I began by creating a perfect circle in the bottom half of the label and started creating the rays of sunlight which were difficult to create because I wanted to make sure that they were equally spaced, which I managed by creating one half and then reflecting it. To get the spacing between the rays I used the center of the circle and created lines at different angles using the rotate tool to make the middle of the rays; I also used the gradient tool on the rays to that they could fade from white to the yellow of the circle.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 17.48.09


I then started on the Shinto gate, starting with the two pillars which I created using the rectangle tool and then using the gradient tool to create a shadow effect on the pillars, which contrasts the yellow to white gradient. I then created the top of the gate with black rectangles and the curved section by creating a large circle with an outline and using a clipping mask created the top part of the gate. After getting some feedback I altered the design and took the top of the gate down so that it wasn’t too close to the top of the label.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 17.48.44


I finally added the text and Japanese characters to the design starting with the characters, after creating both hand written and a computer created type face and after asking people within the target audience and my peers I found that most people found the computer generated version of the Kanji characters over the hand written versions more aesthetically pleasing because of the ease of reading when presented the characters at full size on the label. I made sure that the Japanese characters were in the center using the guides that I had created and spaced them so that there was ample space between the top/bottom of the Shinto Gate/ bottom of the label. For the “Sun Goddess” part of the name I used the text on a curve tool and used that to follow the curve of the top part of the Shinto Gate perfectly; I then looked at the label in its true scale and spaced the letters apart by eye to make sure that the size of the font and the spacing can be easily read at a distance such as when the target audience is walking past the product in the supermarket they will be able to read the text clearly.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 17.49.01


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