Printed Label Design Evaluation

After creating the labels I placed them onto a single page and printed them off as a test print to check the colours, however as you can see on the right the printer was running out of ink, which meant I had to test print them on the actual clear label material which printed out well, however because of the gloss it meant that the ink took 24 hours to dry which was a problem because I couldn’t cut it out easily. The colours came out well and the contrast white of the background as well as the black of the back label will stand out when on the clear label.



Here are the labels placed on the bottle:




When looking at  the bottles I’m really happy with the design and I think that they look aesthetically pleasing and link together well. All of the label contains all of the legally required information which makes the bottle look realistic and i’ve had feedback from people saying that if they saw this in a supermarket they would buy it and believe that its a true product. If I could improve the labels I would find a way to make the imagery on the labels be printed in a thicker ink so that they aren’t so transparent, whih would increase the colour vibrancy and stand out more.   After this I have to add the liquid to the bottle as well as golden flakes and then the bottle will be complete.


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