Sake Back Label Creation

I began by creating the shape of the label making it smaller from the front label so that when it is stuck to the back of the bottle is smaller so wont overlap or be placed above the front label. After creating the correct size I created a grid over the base on another layer to make it easy to remove and keep the layers clean.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.47.17

I gave the label a 3mm border to make sure that none of the information bleeds off the edge and also when cutting it there would be no errors if cut too close. I went on to the internet and found: , which outlined the labelling requirements for alcoholic drinks for sale in the UK. I read through the PDF and found that there are minimum requirements that labels have to contain to be in compliance with British law. I made a list of all the information I needed to have on the label and also looked at examples of the back labels of other clear labels that I have been using as inspiration. I started with the drink aware section of the label featuring the number of units the Sake contains (using the actual measurements from the sake bottle I bought), the no drinking if pregnant or trying to conceive image as well as the daily units for men and women, including the drink aware website. I created the images myself using the pen tool and simple outlines. The typeface is Myriad Pro Semibold 7pt which I changed so that it was readable at its full size as well as standing out against the clear background which is also why I left it black instead of colouring it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.48.02

I placed the key information into boxes so that they could be easily read and identified from the rest of the information on the label. Using a barcode font I created the label and coloured it white on a black background because it would stand out more than a black barcode on a clear label which means the scanner would struggle picking up the bars and numbers present. I added in a recycling feature, which is a part of the British requirements and also had this in box so that consumers eye would be drawn to the instruction. I also added the Yashida Industries logo as well as some back story to the Yashida family and their Sake production. The label wasn’t this easy to create I had to move around the main components so that they could all fit together and look aesthetically pleasing when looking at it at the actual scale.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.49.11


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