Box Design and Fabrication

After creating the box in Illustrator and creating the net of the box leaving spacing in the flaps at the top so that they wont get caught on the sides of the box; I also made sure that the tabs were millimetres from the edge of the section that they were lapping to, this will prevent excess glue from sticking to the outside of the box and affecting the clean design. For the lid I left a gap between the tab and the side of the box so that it will get caught on the flaps and stay closed and so wont open unexpectedly.

Picture 4


After researching gold foiling onto paper and card it came to my attention that the printing of the design had to be done with a laser printer instead of an ink jet printer and then using a laminator heat the foil over the imagery and then when pealing the foil off leaving the imagery in gold and the non-printed material exactly how it was.

I had the box printed via laser on an A2 sheet so that it could be printed exact size so that the bottle could fit inside. However when looking at the printed areas I found that the printed area was too splotchy and not a clean full print (Image bellow). After multiple prints I found that the laser couldn’t stick to the card and so had to unfortunately print the box on A3 card which means that it is half the size of the bottle which clearly means that the bottle will fit in which is really disappointing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 14.42.59

Here is the laser printed imagery on an A3 sheet of card so you can see that the laser printer printed well on the A3 sheet and isn’t splotchy like it was on A2. The black form the laser printer stands out against dark grey of the card as the card isn’t pure black which I like because the glossy black stood out against and looked aesthetically pleasing. I presented the glossy black to samples of the target audience and they liked how the gloss contrasted the card, which even though leaving the box like this I had two of the boxes printed, which meant I could leave on like this and one with gold foil.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 14.49.10


With the other box I started using gold foil as part of my experimentation and using a laminator and foils merged the foils with the negatively charged carbon from the laser printer. After using the foils I found that the foils didn’t stick that well for the Shinto gate, which left pieces without foil. The text on the box was hard to read, which is a serious disadvantage when it is on the shelf trying to attract a purchase. The rising sun came out really well with no missing foil which I’m pleased about as well as the Yashida Logo. the front imagery and the alcohol content are the only two pieces that don’t foil that well, however when looking at them you can still read the name and information but if I was to do this again I would find a professional to do the foiling so that it turned out perfectly.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 14.51.32


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