APP Word Mind Maps

When I started to create the mind maps i began by listing everything that I knew about the topics and then after that researched them further. I was struggling for ideas for some of the topics and so didn’t include them because the topic was so broad that it could be anything but I narrowed my choices down to mythology and language. I knew more about mythology and would find it interesting because I enjoy studying history and also languages because of the previous FMP which as part of my research I learnt to partially read and write Japanese.

For myths I looked at Greco-Roman mythology, which had a large volume for the Greeks and hardly and Roman mythology. I also looked into Norse (viking) mythology such as Thor, Loki and Odin as well to add an are based mythology that isn’t always thought of first.




I thought that language could also be interesting creating a brief to do with body language and the studies of it or sign language and the differences between British and American sign language.



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