Shoe Tower Exercise

For this creative exercise we had to get into groups of 3 and build the tallest free-standing shoe tower that looked pretty which was a requirement. After bringing in lots of different shoes including high heels for the beauty factor.

IMG_1045We were given a time limit of 15 minutes to build our towers which was more than enough time. We began by building our tower, but looking at the other towers being built around us our tower was not tall enough, so with 5 minutes remaining we quickly dismantled the tower and started again but using two pairs of laces we made the towers using the laces to hold it all together saving the high-heeled shoes for the top to try to make it prettier.


Although the tower wasn’t the tallest present the tower was the most sturdy, because of the laces we could pick up and push the tower and it wouldn’t fall or crumble.


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