Fiction into Reality

Before I began thoroughly researching logo design, the NFL and other sources of inspiration, I wanted to begin by looking into other designers work that involved taking fictional people or creatures and turning them into objects that could actually exist.

First I found some examples of Game of Thrones houses that have been modernised and turned into Corporations. These examples show how the designer used stock images to create these brands, based off the GOT house names.


The Stark name has been taken and because of the strong name has been turned into an outdoor clothing company. The brands have been created using the iconography of the houses so the Starks is a Wolf and so including a sans serif that can semiotically communicate the strength of the brand as well as be aesthetically pleasing.


Another house Is the clan Baratheon which has been depicted as a security company with a simple logo, grouped with a serif font that has the name larger to keep the eye of the viewer and also a tag line to add to the security theme.


Creating a Football team will very much be like creating a brand because of the different logos that will have to be created as well as the colour schemes and imagery to visually communicate the creatures.

I then looked at NFL teams that have been created using Star Wars races and characters. These designs were created by Jonathan Raya (

Looking at the design of the helmet and the logo, custom logos are created for each team including imagery as well as typefaces. The helmets are each coloured differently so that the teams can be differentiated and also include the logo or an accent from the race/character, such as the Yoda head and ears.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 18.39.11



For my creation of the mythical creature NFL teams that I am going to create I am going to need to create or find a template for football helmets that i can interchange the colours of the face-guard, straps and helmet, this will also have to include shadows and reflections so that the designs and logos that I add will look professional and realistic.

The links below are other examples of fictional objects into brands that I researched and will use as inspiration.


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