NFL Team Logo Analysis 1

Houston Texans 

The team logo consists of a midnight blue and red bull using a star as the eye. The use of the midnight blue, red and white are the three colours that make up the Texas flag with the ‘lone star’ being the eye of the bull. This is considered one of the best designed logos in the NFL because the logo visually communicates the origin of the team as well as having an active design because of the sharp edges on the left side creating movement.


The logo when placed on the helmet is large enough and simple enough so that when the Texans play games the logo isn’t lost or over complicated when they are playing and in replays. This is a good example of imagery of an animal using the head and then bringing in colours to visually communicate the state. This is good inspiration when designing the minotaur logo so that it can be semiotical to be know to be a bull/minotaur.



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