NFL Team Logo Analysis 2

The Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ logo consists of a golden jaguar head with black spots and turquoise accents on the eye, tongue and nose. The open mouth and bearing of the teeth of the jaguar gives the logo motion and creates a vicious visual. The use of the thick black outlines will make the logo stand out against any colours that it is placed against. This logo also contains a shadow effect which gives the logo more depth which isn’t found on any of the NFL logos apart from the Philadelphia Eagles logo, this technique should be used on some of the logos because it makes the logo stand out more and wont be lost on the mediums that it’s presented on.


The Jaguars helmet consists of a 50\50 gold and black, however the intricacy of the design, specifically the spots and the small eyes, which can be lost on screen. The matt black and gold of the helmet makes the logo stand out because the logo is glossy which catches the light.



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