Minotaur Imagery Collection

I started to collect imagery for the mythical creatures starting with the minotaur, the minotaur is a human bull hybrid. The minotaur features the head of a bull and he body of a human. I collected the images so that I had reference material for how to present the horns as well as the general structure of the creature as to make sure that the logo of the minotaur is instantly recognisable. From the imagery I can see that minotaurs have thick muscular builds with thick necks, large horns and large noses.

Minotaur_(1) 166834255 Theseus_Minotaur_Ramey_Tuileries Minotaur Minotaur_sketch 15429 The_Minotaur_by_danbrenus Minotaur-1 andrew_sinclair_born_1961_the_minotaur_bronze_signed_with_foundry_stamp_number_what_of_an_edition_of_what_155cm_high_161cm_wide_148_deep 463245213_5425a2712c greek-myth-minotaur-movie Minotaur-2


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