Minotaur logos and development

After collecting multiple images of bulls with different horn structures and breeds I started with the head of the bull, I looked at the skulls of bulls and then faces to look at the muscle structure and how the features are positioned on the face. I wanted the logo to feature sharp edges, which I found on the skull of the bull and so started by tracing the bull’s head and simplifying the complicated base image into a simple sketch, I continued this method of simplifying the next image and kept repeating this because logos are very simplistic and can’t be over complicated so that the message can be easily communicated. I also sketched out multiple different types of horns from different breeds of bulls, after tracing the horns and overlaying them over the different head designs it became clear that the horns needed to be curved down and towards the centre of the design so that the logo wasn’t too tall vertically or too wide horizontally because of the horns. I also looked at the greek letter PSI and using the letter anatomy to create a bull that linked to Greece, however this proved too difficult and moved back to the original sketch.

IMG_1097After feedback it was agreed that the head of the bull was too small at the top and so I drew a V shape to make sure that the tip of the skull was wider than the base. After completing this sketch I scanned it in and began creating it in Illustrator and developed the top so that it was rounder as well as widening the bottom near the mouth. I am adding shadowing to the whole design to add more depth and make the logo stand out, but I need to make sure that the shadows aren’t lost and also overcomplicated the logo.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 15.01.31Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 15.26.19


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