Pegasus Logo and Development

For the Pegasus logo I began by collating different images of horses and birds in flight and using tracing paper simplified all of the features so that they would be easily simplified into a logo and then I simplified it again so that the logo could be seen and understood at a distance. Tracing the wings of the birds helped get the wing structure and the shape of the feathers, which made adding the wings to the horses, which made them seem more realistic, however making sure that the wings were positioned correctly so the anatomy of the Pegasus looked visually correct as well as using wings that looked to scale. For the horse I wanted to either use a horse from the neck upwards so that the logo is easily recognisable; another option was to have a horse rearing up with the wings spread.


After sketching the horses face from the head up and added wings I received feedback that the horse’s head looked like a chess piece with wings, so I found an image of a horse rearing and used the head that I had already created and combined the two. I coloured the Pegasus wings, mane and tail different colours to get people’s opinions, however I am planning on ignoring the blue and white logo because when getting feedback the target audience said it reminded them of the Pegasus from the Disney animated series Hercules in which his Pegasus has blue accents.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 14.21.34


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