Gorgon Team Name Development

For the Gorgon team name I began with a simple sans-serif Compass, however once I had finished the team name I found that the Teams logo doesn’t contain the team colours and so the name for advertisements and branding of the team should contain them. I kept the location name simple in the typeface Norwester and altered the leading so that the word spread the breadth of the logo. The typeface was chosen because of the clear characteristics that sans-serifs have as well as the strong characteristics that the typeface presents because of the straight lines and simple design. For this team name I placed the location at the top as this would be the first thing the audience would read, followed by the logo and then the name.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 18.43.01 Using the technique of the Envelope Distort tool I created a rhombus and used the typeface to create the Gorgons name, it was coloured an off white so that it wasn’t too bright to the audience. To add the team colours to the name I added a stroke to the name in the same green colour as the helmet with a purple drop shadow behind focusing into the center of the name; I then followed up with a black background so that the name stands out and is eye-catching with the off white typeface.


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