Minotaur Team Name Development

After sketching out different text layouts for the New York Minotaurs, I began by asking a selection of the target audience to choose which of the layouts they thought looked the most aesthetically pleasing and clear to read if it were to be presented on a poster/advertisement.

team names 001


After getting the different feedback I used this layout and scanned it into Illustrator and began by creating a grid around the shape as well as using the actual logo so that I could work out the spacing between the name and the logo so that the design wasn’t too close together.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 17.03.48



Using the typeface Arial Black because of the bold but clear type anatomy that it presented because it was a sans serif font and being bold means it will be easily read from a distance.

I increased the spacing between the letters for the minotaur name and removed and M and S as they are going to be larger than the inside lettering. Using the Envelope Distort tool with a rectangle shape that I had curved upwards to create the ark that the logo will be positioned under. Once the letters had been distorted I altered the kerning between the letters so that they left equal spacing between them. New York is also written in Arial Black and increased the spacing between the characters so that it filled the space between the M and S, and is positioned so that it is the first piece of text the audience will read. I added a similar shape to the distortion that I had used on the letters and using the dropped tool coloured it close to the colour scheme of the logo with the name coloured as an off white, so that it didn’t seem to bright when printed. I also added a drop shadow onto the Minotaur name so that it stood out more and gives the name more depth.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 17.59.11


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