NFL Event Poster

After creating the team posters I created a poster so that could be placed in the cities to advertise the up coming games with the teams participating. I started by looking at different football and sport related event posters and from the research that I did I decided to keep the team posters simple featuring the logo and team name accompanied by the NFL logo. For the background I started looking for large images of football fields that are characterised by the yard lines that are painted onto the grass.


I found an image of a stadium that was the largest I could find and placed the image into Photoshop and altered the saturation and contrast so that it was darker and looked more realistic. I was using the helmet templates which look realistic and so wanted the same authenticity for the background.


The poster will have to contain the time, date and where the game will be held and the television channel that it can be found on. For the imagery of the posters I incorporated the helmet templates on the poster with the team logo and team names.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 23.04.11

Using the Photoshopped background I added a grid and placed the NFL logo at the center of the lower section without it being too close to the border of the poster. I positioned the helmets so that they were facing each other giving the idea that these teams were against each other.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 23.05.25

I redesigned the first layout because the placement of the imagery meant that the time, date, location and channel couldn’t be repositioned so that it won’t be in the darker area of the stadium in the background and so will be easier to read because I when I did test prints the dark background meant the wording was hard to read, which when on a billboard or at a distance the text has to be read easily. I repositioned the VS between the team names so that the audience’s eye will flow through the team names and the audience will know that there is an upcoming game between these two teams. I used a typeface called 28 Days later, which is a distressed font that can be linked between the rough style of play.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 23.05.36


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